Alfie visited us recently having been unwell and off his food, on ultrasound Steven our vet could see some areas of concern and a exploratory laparotomy was preformed. A mass could be seen on the spleen so a splenectomy was preformed.

A splenectomy is the surgical procedure performed to remove the spleen from the body. The spleen is an oblong organ that sits just below the stomach, in the middle of the abdomen. Comparatively, on a size-by-size basis, it is much bigger in dogs and cats than it is in people. In dogs, complications of splenectomy include the typical post-operative ones like incision infections and poor healing. Depending on the underlying cause for splenectomy, blood transfusions and repair of fractures may be necessary. In dogs undergoing splenectomy for tumors, abnormal heart rhythms frequently occur and veterinarians monitor for arrhythmias in the ICU for a day or so following splenectomy. Once discharged from the hospital following splenectomy, dogs can resume normal activity once the incision is well healed.

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